New web page for a new city/year...

So here is my first blog post- first for the new website at least- and one of hopefully many to come if interest demands it.

As you may have noticed, you're looking at a brand new website for Motown Guitar Service and what is most certainly a work in progress. I was getting so sick of juggling multiple clunky hosting services for the each of the previous website's various (also clunky) features that I almost never updated or maintained any of it, including outside conduits of information like Facebook and Instagram.

But now everything is fresh, new, and elegantly coordinated through one gloriously simple interface so as to ease the effort of maintaining communication across multiple platforms. Please feel free to give any feedback on how this website and MGS as a whole could improve and I will strive to make it happen. My goal in all this is to provide Detroit musicians with the best possible service and as such, I need Detroit's musicians help in realizing that goal.

Thank you for all your support so far and I'll be looking forward to serving you in the future, better than ever!


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