A new breed of Detroit guitar tech.


Motown Guitar Service is committed to providing top-quality repair and customization services to Detroit's music community, since 2014.





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MGS seeks to provide a more specialized tech service that caters primarily to the working musician; which means more focus on setup, maintenance, fretwork, and modification and less on time-intensive paint and restoration work. While limited cosmetic services are still offered, they take a backseat to the needs of the gigging player so they are always ready for the next show.



About MGS...

Motown Guitar Service is a small, one-man operation humbly run out of my basement shop. Current hours of operation are constrained by my other full-time job (which also happens to be as a guitar tech for a big ugly corporation... that shall remain nameless). My current open days are Tuesday and Wednesday- I try to be available as much as possible for appointments these days, so call or text me any time to set up same-day service. I also try to make myself available early mornings (before 10am) and evenings (after 8pm) for drop-off and pick-up service. Hopefully this will soon take over as my full time gig and my hours will open up more!

- Craig


Tech Profile

MGS owner and technician, Craig Miner has over 10 years experience as both technician and builder. After years of tinkering and experimenting on his own guitars, he began his professional career servicing fellow student musician's guitars and basses while studying Audio Production at Columbia College Chicago. In 2009 he attended the Galloup School of Guitar Building shortly before accepting an apprenticeship position with Third Coast Guitar Service of Chicago under master technician Robert Daniel and technicians Nathan Weathers and Zachary Duran. In 2014, having rigorously  studied the many facets of tech work in the Chicago music scene, he decided to open up shop back home in Detroit aiming to bring a new level of technicianship to the area.